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Unconventional Gas Technology Engagement Program (UGTEP) International Training

Colorado School of Mines UNGI organization is affiliated with unique technical, environmental and regulatory experts working in collaboration with oil and gas industry, state and federal government as well as other global interested stakeholders and public in addressing environmental and regulatory concerns and ensure that natural gas and oil production worldwide proceeds in a safe and responsible manner. UNGI has recently been awarded by the US Department of State with a grant to organize training programs, capacity-building engagements and workshops participation with foreign government stakeholders regarding the development of unconventional natural gas and oil, especially from technical challenges, regulatory and environmental protection, resource characterization and preparation of best practices perspectives for operational implementations under the auspices of the Department of State UGTEP Program. The program contributes transfer of the technology and development of the unconventional resources worldwide with quality environmental and regulations preventing any potential ramifications. Dr. Tutuncu has been involved in UGTEP program two years prior to receiving the grant on behalf of UNGI.

The first UNGI-UGTEP Workshop was held in January 2014 at Colorado School of Mines campus as part of the grant

The attendees of the 2nd UNGI-UGTEP Workshop held in July 2014 at Colorado School of Mines campus after the Regularoy Panel Session.

The participants enjoying Marquez Hall and the great Colorado weather after the Panel Session in the 3rd UNGI-UGTEP Workshop was held in July at Colorado School of Mines campus.

The participants are at the Geology Field Trip investigating a Niobrara Outcrop at the 3rd UNGI-UGTEP Workshop was held in July at Colorado School of Mines campus.

Gas Leaders Training Program - Training of Professionals: Certification of Regulators and Policymakers (TOPCORP)

The inaugural TOPCORP Pilot Training was held in August 2013 at Colorado School of Mines campus with participation from regulators, policy makers and government agencies in 9 States. The picture is from a visit to Noble Niobrara fracturing operation as part of the TOPCORP Module I and Module II Engineering Field Trip component.

TOPCORP is a training program jointly developed by Colorado School of Mines UNGI, Penn State University and University of Texas at Austin with generous gifts from ExxonMobil and GE Oil and Gas. In 2015, Environmental Defense Fund has also joined TOPCORP as a sponsor. The training is geared toward regulators and policymakers at this time with a goal to provide practical knowledge applicable on the job and is established as a four-module curriculum covering (1) Petroleum Geology and Engineering Concepts, (2) Petroleum Engineering Technology, (3) Environmental Management Technology and (4) Communication and Hot Topics.

We are pleased to announce that Module I through Module IV pilot training programs have successfully been completed in December 2014. After taking into account all feedback and evaluations from the participants, TOPCORP has now launched the official online training program for Module I and II with field study components. The first pilot for Modules I and II will be held on September 9-11, 2015 at Colorado School of Mines. Online Module III and Module IV development is still in progress. Participants are required to complete each module via a comprehensive on-line classroom followed by hands-on field experiences scheduled throughout the year. Modules must be completed sequentially, and the field experience component will only be available to participants who have achieved a mastery of the online material. The pilot for Module I and Module II Online Training Program was held in September 2015 at Colorado School of Mines. The Online Training effort for TOPCORP Module III and Module IV s in Porgress.

The TOPCORP Online Training Module I and Module II Field Session held at Colorado School of Mines in September 2015, visiting I-70 Roadcut outcrops for Geology exposure.

TOPCORP is also collaborating with the IOGCC on a certification process based on the TOPCORP training program.

We would like to thank Anadarko Petroleum, Bonanza Creek, CalFrac, Clean Earth, Ensign, Fortress Environmental Services, Halliburton, New Pig Energy, Noble Energy, Precision Drilling,Shell Appalachia, TerrAqua Resource Management, TriCan for their continuing contributions and support in the field component of the program.

The support from Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, Ground Water Protection Council, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality organizations are also highly appreciated.

TOPCORP Program recent news can be reviewed at topenergytraining.com.

The Module I and Module II of the first TOPCORP Pilot Training as well as the associated Engineering and Geology Field Trip components were held in August 2013 at Colorado School of Mines campus with participation from regulators, policy makers and government agencies in 9 States. The participants enjoyed visiting a cement quarry (CEMEX, shown in the picture below) that captures large exposures to Niobrara formation as well as other local outcrops to solidify their learnings in the classroom critical for their jobs.

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