Center for Fracturing of Geo-Materials

Fracture, mechanics, geo-materials, rock, cement, high strain rate, numerical analysis, simulation, time and length scales, experimental verification, geothermal, oil, gas, storage, structure, reservoir, multi-scale, energy, environment
Los Alamos National Laboratory Northwestern University Colorado School of Mines
LosAlamos LosAlamos Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute

Los Alamos National Laboratory,
Department of Civil Engineering at Northwestern University and
The Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute at Colorado School of Mines
have formed a consortium to address critical issues regarding the fracture of materials. The purpose of establishing the alliance is to coordinate research activities in academia and government laboratory with R&D activities in industry and, in this manner, advance development of natural energy resource in an environmentally safe and economically viable manner.


The Center for Fracture of Geo-Materials (CFGM) focuses expertise in observational and experimental science to develop both theoretical understanding and numerical tools for analysis, simulation and design to address several pressing national issues related to fracture of geomaterials. These issues involve the nation's energy independence and impact to environment.

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